Jon Osterholm, Creative Everything Officer

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I'm a writer and editor, a graphic designer, illustrator, photographer, media adviser, and creative collaborator.

I've been a newsman and a publisher. Today I do writing and editing, marketing, event promotions, nonprofit projects, and political events. I also blog, tweet and write opinion pieces (on social media and letters to the editor). I'm passionate about humanity, wildlife, creative arts, and some other stuff.

I help nonprofits not only with my media skills, but with their organization, operations and tech utilization.

I fill the rest of my time working as a technical communicator in the aviation industry.

Photo: me "hugging" a galar's beak; it took a liking
to my ear lobes at the Brevard Zoo aviary.


A Thought

A new year invites reflection and anticipation. Last year, I set a goal to reform my dieting habits and fitness. My wife and I have succeeded. In 2016, shed weight and with healthy practices, I am resolving to be more fit than I have been since my early 30s.

This season in Florida, especially south, we wonder if we will see any cool temperatures. But like it's a new year, tomorrow is a new day and the mercury may drop. May it not drop too far where you are. Be cozy and healthy in 2016!