Jon Osterholm, Creative Everything Officer

Career Highlights

I have a passion for communicating: writing and graphic arts, creative media. I'd always been attracted to expressive endeavors, especially music, drawing, writing, or theater, since I was little.

My first full-time job after college was as editor of a weekly newspaper. There were many jobs and gigs and freelance projects along the way. The most challenging and rewarding were my founding and managing of a suburban paper, The Gazette, of Goodlettsville, Tenn. Then I was given the opportunity to develop the design and production process for a new daily paper, the Nashville City Paper. I served as the central production, planning, advertising and creative force in the startup's crucial early years.

Not too many years earlier, as I earned a degree in Aviation Business Administration at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, I realized I wanted to work in media. I likely spent more time at the college newspaper and doing personal projects than I did at my schoolwork (when I wasn't working one of my part-time jobs).

As my passion for news media grew during college, I taught myself the skills and software for the business. Writing and illustration were longtime interests, so I spent many hours learning production design, Photoshop, printing, and more. I chose my career.

After the City Paper, I returned to Florida, in 2002-03. Newly married, I tried to remain in news media for a few more years.

In 2003, I decided on ringhorne.com as my personal site. (The page about the name is coming, one of these days.)

In 2005, I took my first job in aviation (as an ERAU alum, perhaps this was inevitable). I was first a contract technical writer at Piper Aircraft, a famous small aircraft manufacturer. Eventually, I was back there. I've been at Piper, full time, since 2010.

What I do outside of Ringhorne today is technical communications. I work with many subject matter experts, engineers, technicians, and directors, creating technical documents: service bulletins, upgrade announcements and other documents. It's not the same as news or creative media, but it's engaging work. It's as much about juggling disparate interests in the company as it is putting words and images together. It's a team effort.

As work goes, creative media and journalism are my true loves. So that's Ringhorne Creative. Why don't you reach out with your project ideas and let's do something!

Industries Experience

Journalism, Multimedia, Creative and Editorial Production, Aviation, Manufacturing, Retail.


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