Jon Osterholm, Creative Everything Officer


In a variety of creative and communications roles, I have given life to work for large publishers and corporations, music labels, small businesses, the military, and individual professionals.

As a writer and editor in news media, including a suburban paper I created almost singlehandedly, I covered topics from monthly community events and nonprofit fund-raising galas, to serious crimes and scandals on the outskirts of the big city.

As a creative type with a business background and a passionate get-it-done attitude, I took on major roles in three startup media companies:that suburban newspaper, a daily news and advertising provider in a top-20 market and a multimedia and marketing studio. I’ve worked with many marketing & communications firms, as a creative chief at a daily paper and independently. I’ve managed publications, worked in PR, marketing, technical writing, and produced much with little (many times and several ways).

My passion is to create for a purpose: to influence, inform, sell, teach, and entertain. I have a creative, right-brain way of "getting it," whether “it” be an idea, product, service, technology... name it.

My other experience includes theater, public events, live recording, radio, mutlimedia, and a variety of video and audio projects. I follow lots of current events in politics and business (kind of a news junkie). I am interested in and involved with many local, state, national, and world issues, involved in my community, interested in culture, the arts, philosophy, and faith.

I live in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida. It's a quaint little city nestled far enough, for me, from several bustling big cities like Orlando, Tampa, West Palm Beach, and Miami. But not too far from them.

Contact me using the link above, or visit me on social media (see left margin).

  • Writing, Rewriting
    & Editing
  • Creative Collaboration
  • Graphic Design, Illustration & Photography
  • PLUS: Publishing, Copywriting, Proof Editing and more