Jon Osterholm, Creative Everything Officer

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Updated logos, updated lifestyle

I came up with different logo concepts inspired by my old stuff, all Viking (Norse) style, like the Ringhorne name. I love my digital impression of a Viking longship, but I made my primary logo a brilliant yellow ring+horn brooch design for 2016. It's top left on every site page.

The coming year is to be a year of change. Already, I'm healthier (see earlier post) and seeing new opportunities for Ringhorne Creative. Happy New Year! (Feb. 3, 2016)

Ringhorne into 2016

My creative efforts were focused on writing, event promotion and strategy in 2015. I developed marketing materials and improved the outreach efforts of a few organizations. I spent a lot of time planning, promoting and being emcee of a local patriotic event. It's been a fun year! I succeeded in vastly improving my well-being, along with my wife, with guidance from great professionals, losing weight and feeling great! Onto the new year and fresh possibilities!

For 2016, I'm looking at some new projects. I will be reimagining the Ringhorne logos, and doing more to promote Ringhorne Creative not only as a nonprofit supporter, but seeking paid projects. I didn't go very far

with the site update in 2015: I was busy. That'll change in 2016. The site dev. software I use is a Mac-only product, Freeway, by Softpress out of the UK. It is not drag-and-drop, but not a steep curve for someone who knows about site development. It is good for pros or skilled do-it-yourselfers.

I'll be providing non-image writing examples via a blog. There will be news pieces, opinion and educational stuff. I will be promoting it using social media and good old word of mouth. I am liking the prospects for 2016. Change is in the air! (Dec. 31, 2015)

Copywriting, marketing... & opinion

I am all caught up in words. I enjoy tossing ideas around, researching, editing, whittling, "killing darlings" to get a message across. News, marketing or opinion. Give me an idea, I'll help you sell it! (June 10, 2015)

Spring 2015

Since moving to Vero Beach, Florida, I've been involved with the local community theater, local media and local politics, aside from my work.

I'm doing what I can to draw folks in their 40s and younger into local politics through a club and being involved in promoting events and ideas. It's one way I am involved with my community, my state, my country and the world. (April 2, 2015)